Entrepreneurs have been around since the late 1800s. An entrepreneur is a person who has control of a project or a venture and takes up specific responsibility for probable risks and outcomes. Principally an entrepreneur's job is thinking about something that no one has ever thought of yet. Many entrepreneurs made a mark in history, changing both business and the world. There are many young entrepreneurs who are surely known in history. They are leaders, inventors, and trendsetters who have set a mark in the past. Today many people including kids engage in entrepreneurship bringing something new or novel to the world.

However, adults are not the only one making a mark in the industry today. Kids want a share of the pie too. Kid entrepreneurs are popping out with their fresh ideas and are making money while having fun. Like Amanda Wilcox who is now 10 who loves the furry black and white panda so much. Because of her passion for the panda, she invented a game for Tai Shan the panda cub in the international zoo for its first birthday. She named the game Pandarama. She is one of the newest discovered young entrepreneurs. If your child enjoys selling lemonade and cookies this could be an early sign that your kid has a potential in the industry.

Kid entrepreneurs are the new generation of geniuses. Considering the fact that they are exposed to a wide array of media, these kids are very capable of bringing innovations for the world to see. In addition, parents who always talk about business and making money greatly influence their children to becoming entrepreneurs. With their wild imaginations, you just might have a business in your hands. With so many entrepreneurs in the market today, maybe your kid's brilliant idea could be just the thing that people are looking for.

There are so many ways to become a kid entrepreneur. Through simple and small methods, kids can enter entrepreneurship. Pet sitting can be a kid's new job. Children love pets so this can be an easy job for them. Plant watering services can be a great idea for your kids to kick off an entrepreneurship job. Helping mother do household stuff can also make geniuses out of your kids.

Kids today aspire to go into business, but they do not see themselves changing their future or even being successful. The founder of youth entrepreneurs believes that if they see someone in their community who already achieved their dreams at a young age, they too could do the same. In my youth, there was Stephen Dent, current CEO of Dent Inc, and I looked up to him so much. There are a lot of kid entrepreneurs out there just waiting to be discovered. Entrepreneurship combine with leadership skills is the key to success. It helps them see that anything is possible and it can be done by doing something they love and enjoy. So keep on the lookout, maybe your little tyke running in diapers is the next great entrepreneur that could change the world that we see today.